Cabot Corp ~ Haverhill, MA

I have had nothing but positive experiences with Piquette & Howard Electric Service.  They originally won a bid to be subcontracted by an engineering firm on a $1M+ capital project at our site, and from their work on that project, we have used them for several other projects since.  For my future projects they will always be the preferred electrical contractor. 

I have worked most closely with Andy Blanchet and James Gray but can also say the following about all other employees I’ve encountered.  First and foremost, they are safe.  I appreciate this coming from a chemical plant that holds safety paramount.  They follow and embrace our safety culture even when it comes to the long and detailed work permitting and lockout practices.  They have also all shown positive attitudes with me and all of our plant personnel.  Beyond that, they have bid projects fairly, met that budget, and done so on schedule.

Thank you all again,
Plant Engineer

Pfizer ~ Andover, MA

I am very happy to pass along Pfizer’s appreciation for all the hard work and many hours we all put in on this project.  It was a project with many challenges but together we got it done. Thank you Schneider team and our P&H Electric partners.   P&H Electric was a pleasure to work with and also a big part of our success on this project.

Thank you all again,
Project Executive
Schneider Electric


Shire/Commodore Builders

The P&H team out here is top notch, Jay is doing an awesome job, and the guys under him are right there with him. I use your teams JHAs as an example of how they should be done when reviewing with other trades. I appreciate the effort put forth by your guys, makes my job easier. 

Commodore Builders


Signify/Jones Lang LaSalle

I just wanted to let you know your guys did an amazing job running power and hanging the two flat screens. Great Job! Thank you for the quick turn around on this project. They even came up with a solution to hide the laptop that runs the two screens…That was a bonus! Again guys did a great job.

Sr. Facilities Manager
Jones Lang LaSalle Americas, Inc.


SNHU ~ Fire Alarm Test Washington Hall

Just want to give a shout out to Matt, the project went very smoothly and the workmanship is exceptional!

Thank You

Associate Director of Facilities Management
Southern New Hampshire University
2500 N River Rd
Manchester NH 03106


E Ink – Billerica, MA

Hello Gents,
I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional quality of work your crew performed at our site. Craig Davis and crew all showed top-notch work ethic under tough circumstances and a tight schedule. The quality and attention to detail was second to none and truly appreciated. We here at E-INK and the facilities dept look forward to continuing our relationship in the future. Please feel free to forward to the guys who I missed on the distribution list. Brad Walker aka “uncle brad”, Biaggio, Will G., Matt Pepin and Sam Hughes.


E ink
Facility Electrical/Mechanical Tech
1000 Technology Park Drive Billerica, MA.01821


TenAcre Country Day School – Wellesley, MA

Bowdoin Construction wants to formally thank Piquette & Howard for a job well done. George Taran, Ryan DeDonato and I would also like to thank John Briere and your team for being able to manage and work through the many challenges that arose throughout this project. We also want to thank your field crew for the hard work and effort put forth to help us maintain an aggressive schedule and ensuring the work was completed in a safe, organized and clean manner.

Your firm’s support and professionalism throughout this project were very much appreciated and we want to wish you and your company continued success.
We look forward to working with you on future projects.

Project Manager
Bowdoin Construction
Ten Acre Day School


VA Medical Center – White River Junction, VT

I wanted to let you know about how appreciative we are of the work that your crew did for us here in White River Junction. Ron and his staff exemplified professionalism and attention to detail in all that they did for us here during this project. This crew kept our facility clean and organized during the installation and were courteous to Nurses, Physicians, and other staff at all times. Their experience working together really made this project progress very smoothly. I have worked with many different contractors in my 18 years here and have never felt compelled to address a manager about their team before today.

We feel as though you sent your “A” team to White River Junction and would not hesitate to recommend your group to any who asked about our experiences with your organization.

Thanks again,
Lead Biomedical Equipment Support Specialist
VA Medical Center -White River Junction, VT


UMass Memorial Hospital

Thank you for all your support in making things happen. It’s when the pressure is on its you find out how good a company is by their actions and it was a great response. We look forward in working with you and your staff to make this a successful project. Thanks again.

Director of Facilities
UMass Memorial Hospital

Finch Therapeutics

I am writing to express our organizations gratitude for the extra effort and expeditious execution by Eric and the entire P&H team which was involved in the buildout at Finch Therapeutics.
Specifically regarding the building shutdown which took place a few weeks back on September 30th. During which, Eric and his team provided extensive oversight of the operation and performed above and beyond to ensure the work was being executed safely and quickly.

Our company’s products are all stored frozen and are the lifeblood of the company, so any disruption to freezer power supplies for extended periods of time would cause critical issues with the operations at Finch Therapeutics. Due to the sensitive nature, we hired a firm to provide backup power support for all of our critical equipment. However, during the day of the shut down this team (I will not name names) was ill-prepared. Eric and the P&H team jumped into action to assist the generator company to confirm the tie-ins were safe and sufficient to support our critical systems. Not only was the team assisting in supporting the backup power, but they were also were driving the primary goal of the shutdown, connecting the electrical to main bus to power the fit out. This was completed in 2 hours’ time, which significantly reduced the risk to our product and operations. The estimated time was 4-8 hours. We were amazed at how quick the work was completed.

That being said, without the guidance, leadership, and initiative from the P&H team, we feel the backup power teams activities could have caused major disruption to the building and our company. You have a great team, which operate and very high level of professionalism and skill and Finch Therapeutics thanks you all and we look forward to working together again in the near future.

Associate Director
Product Development
Finch Therapeutics

Calnan & Associates, Inc

I wanted to let you know that it was great working with Nick Q & Keith A., Keith did an outstanding job out here! I know it was difficult at times working with Philips new lighting system but Keith got it done. Hope to work with you guys again soon.

Field Superintendent
J. Calnan & Associates, Inc.
Quincy, Massachusetts



Just a quick email to sing the praises of a P&H Employee. I don’t know where we would be without him…

Yesterday a tech from Emcor tripped a breaker for the parking garage heater.

In doing so he took out multiple building functions. We lost:
• The elevators
• Access card system
• Normal stairwell lighting
• New Fire Alarm Panel

While we were able to manually open stairwell, front and rear doors it was disconcerting not understanding how to rectify the issues.

Out of sheer desperation, I called your employee. He left the job he was working on once he made sure staff was set to work, while he was coming to our rescue.

I cannot say enough or thank him enough for the level of service he has demonstrated over the years, he has bailed us out in multiple emergency situations and service calls. Several years ago we lost a cooling tower during a heat wave and were in danger of losing critical computer rooms and the like…all for a 50 cent fuse. Your employee had the issue resolved quickly on arrival.

Yesterday, on arrival he was quickly able to ascertain the issues and resolve them in a timely manner and restored critical building services.

Recently we had an issue with stairwell doors activating with the Fire Alarms, He patiently took the time to figure out where the short was, demonstrate it was not linked to the new fire alarm installation and was able to solve an issue that gave American Alarm fits.

The level of service, professionalism is unparalleled and we are thankful for that!!

Thank you, it is very much appreciated!

Thank you.
Building Manager
Vanderweil| 274 Summer Street, Boston, MA 02210


High Liner Foods

Just wanted to send a quick note to recognize one of your electricians. He goes by the nickname of B. He was assigned to the Peabody condenser project. I had one of our refrigeration mechanics oversee the project for me. He told me today how impressed he was with B and his safety consciousness. He did everything by the book and followed all safety protocols.

One thing we are trying to do as a company provides recognition to individuals who go out of their way in safety, quality, production, etc. B qualifies in my book. I just wanted to send a note to say thank you and to let B know we appreciate his safety efforts.

Thank you.
Environmental Health & Safety Manager
High Liner Foods | 183 International Drive, Portsmouth, NH 03801


High Liner Foods

Just wanted to thank you and your team for helping myself and High Liner Foods this weekend.

High Liner Foods planned a little mini shut down on Memorial Day weekend to try and take care of some maintenance issues. While we were down we wanted to do our annual boiler inspections. Blake Equipment completed the inspections but before the day ended a VFD went bad on one of the circulation pumps for the hot water that is supplied to the production floor. Needless to say one of my first calls was to Dale Purdy and Jim DiPietro. These 2 gentlemen arranged everything along with Eric to get High Liner Foods hot water on the production floor back online. This all started about 4 PM Friday afternoon. We had our hot water back to the production floor by 11:00 AM Saturday. I believe it was Andy and Matt that came out and did the work Saturday.

Just wanted you to know that I appreciate what your team does.

Thank you.
Refrigeration Supervisor
High Liner Foods | 183 International Drive, Portsmouth, NH 03801


I want to congratulate you and your firm for the exemplary safety performance at Clark University and St. Mark’s School. We truly appreciate the proactive approach Piquette & Howard is taking towards making these projects successful in every way, especially with regard to the health and well being of its employees.

We feel strongly that subcontractors that work safely also provide greater control over quality and productivity. History has shown that partnering with firms like Piquette & Howard results in a better overall construction experience for all stakeholders.

In recognition of the positive impact that safely-performing contractors have on our projects, we instated a program that acknowledges the top 3 subcontractors partners throughout New England on a quarterly basis. The awards are based on performance metrics garnered through a detailed safety auditing process conducted by our Safety Department. Piquette & Howard’s proactive approach resulted in zero incidents and the highest “percent safe” scoring with at least 1000 observations.

Congratulations again for your efforts and for those of your Piquette & Howard team. We are privileged to be working together and hope to continue a strong record of working safely.


The other day the elevator contractor delivered the controller for the facility, placing it inside next to his room, and it rained. As a significant amount of water was coming down on the controller, Jay Leavitt had our people place a plastic tarp over it to protect it. The elevator contractor returned and was agitated with the standing water. He said he fully expected to have to go to the Consigli trailer and inform them they owned a $10,000.00 piece of equipment. When he opened it all critical components were dry, and he accepted it.

It’s these type of things that make me grateful you’re on the team. Thanks for the help and know it’s appreciated

Project Manager
Consigli Construction

West Haven VA Healthcare System

I want to say Thank You to your team that worked on not only this TS but the Electrical Deficiencies project their work was Exceptional and as of recent the electrical engineer inspector from AECOM that came to do the final review mentioned the same. The TS installation that week end was one to be recorded it was so “On Point”.

Project Engineer – Facility Management Service

I just wanted to get let you know that P & H Electric was one of the best Contractors that The VACT Electric Shop Team has worked with, it was a pleasure to work hand in hand with them. They are truly a professional group of individuals and went the extra mile in order to give the VA the best job possible. Their commitment, work ethics, craftsmanship, and planning were top notch, making the necessary shutdowns to the facility much easier. In fact, my Staff, as well as Myself, formed a special bond with most of the P&H Crew.

I would recommend them to any organization and would not have any objection to working with them in the future.

Electric Shop Supervisor

S. Department of Veterans Affairs

I want to personally thank you for your support and for the work that you and your team have provided as part of the flood response at JP. The men have done an excellent job in trouble shooting and repair the overhead paging system , code blue, lighting, supporting the MMU’s, etc. I’ll also appreciate that your fee proposal to the VA was very fair.


West Roxbury VA Medical Center

As a Veterans Healthcare Systems Employee at the West Roxbury Campus, I would like to give a really big compliment to the Piquette & Howard Contract Workers who have been on Campus for some months now in the effort of upgrading the West Roxbury Campus Fire Alarm System.

It has been an honor to have a group of polite, courteous and considerate worker here. As a 10 year employee, I just wanted to say that they are appreciated for the work that they are doing and been so very respectable and professional while carrying out their duties.

I spend most of my waking hours here at my duty station which is the NAGE R1-86 Union Office, they treat me like a very good friend and are always gentlemen. I have never heard a word of profanity from their work team or seen them at odds with one another, they are flexible when it comes to getting into the office and doing whatever task it is they have to complete without making us feel like we are in their way or holding them up from doing their work.

I just thought someone should let them know that their efforts, kindness, and professionalism are much appreciated and that I understand how it is nice when someone lets you know.

Thank you
Advance Medical Support Assistant-Vice President

160 South River Road

In this business, and for us office folks, too often I only get calls from an Owner for bad news. As I stated in Friday’s precon, you guys were brought to the table because we felt you would deliver on quality and schedule, and this was a significant Owner for us with the potential for a lot of future work. Anything these guys want, we are going to jump through hoops to deliver on. I wanted to take a minute to pass along a call I just got from the Owner’s Director of Commercial Leasing. She wanted to specifically thank me for having “quality, thoughtful electricians” onsite last week who were trying to repair the corridor lights in the first floor when she happened to be standing with their tenant (her client) in the hallway. The electrician from P&H opened the door and politely asked if he could work in the hallway with a ladder while the two women were standing there clearly discussing something important.

For her to call means she was impressed and these are exactly the types of events I want to keep hearing about. This is why P&H was brought to the table. Please share this with your guys, buy those two dinner, thank them on our behalf for making the extra effort, and continue to deliver for our client so I can keep getting my favorite type of calls.

Project Manager
Eckman Construction


Foss Manufacturing

Commissioning is complete for new switch-gear 21 April 2017. Thank you for all your support and late night efforts. You and your workers are the reason this was successful. Please thank those that are not on this list for a job well done. We look forward to working with you all in the future

Controls Engineer
Foss MFG
Hampton, New Hampshire